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Tourism that Cares owns the Luxury Kosher Safari brand. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for 23 years. We have highly experienced Kosher butchers, chefs, mashgichim and tour guides who all work together in delivering various levels of Kashrut depending on your budget and observance of Kosher. Kosher Safari options are limited, if you don't have a partner who understands how to deliver this service, especially in remote areas outside the main cities. We are recognized as destination specialists with enough experience to handle a small budget Kosher family trip to a large VIP Safari incentive group.

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Family Travel

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Family Travel

Which safari lodges are best suited for families with young children? What about Malaria precautions? Are there approved babysitters available? Can we take over a small lodge entirely just for our family group, and enjoy privacy and personalised service, without being concerned about other guests on site?
Can we arrange something special for the Bar/ Batmitvah person? or for the 70 year old Grandfather wanting to spoil all of his children and grandchildren?
We regularly review, visit and handpick safari lodges to be able to answer these and many other important questions when planning an important multi generational family trip?

We are very experienced and focused on building your perfect small family unit journey with mom, dad and their own children, or your larger multi generational family trip with 3 or even 4 generations travelling together.

It may just be grandparents spoiling their grandchildren for a safari, or a larger group of grandparents, parents, grand children, who are coming out as a group, and need dedicated private safari lodges, villas, chefs and tour guides to facilitate a seamless experience.

Moms will worry about their children who have gluten intolerance or nut allergies. Parents will wonder if their children will enjoy being out on safari for a few hours at a time, and want the flexibility of a dedicated safari vehicle just for them, so they can return to the lodge early if the young ones are getting niggly?

Many of our clients are looking at celebrating a milestone, like a gift from the children to the grand parents for a 40th wedding anniversary, and there is a collection of personalities, ideas and requests that we need to collaborate and put into a complex itinerary.

Bottom line, we are experts at taking the schlep out of these trips, and have earned our stripes tens times over with families of 13 strong, 26 ! 20 guests, all coming from around the globe to celebrate a once in a lifetime memory. We can even refer you to some former clients, just to hear what they had to say about their experience with our Kosher travel planning expertise.

View our Large Family Group Tour for some inspirational ideas.