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Tourism that Cares owns the Luxury Kosher Safari brand. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for 23 years. We have highly experienced Kosher butchers, chefs, mashgichim and tour guides who all work together in delivering various levels of Kashrut depending on your budget and observance of Kosher. Kosher Safari options are limited, if you don't have a partner who understands how to deliver this service, especially in remote areas outside the main cities. We are recognized as destination specialists with enough experience to handle a small budget Kosher family trip to a large VIP Safari incentive group.

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About Us

Your Kosher Travel Experts


Adrian Lange: CEO of Tourism that Cares collection
Reynard van As: Sales Director
Jenny-Lee Smit: Luxury Safaris and Group Travel
Daniele Keese: Manager of the South American Departmen
Rabbi Blumenfeld: Accompanies our Kosher groups to lead Minyans, and who brings the Sefer Torah with him, when required.
Monika Marshall: Kosher family tour manager
Adrienne and Aharon Bogatie: Kosher chef and Mashgiach
Jayme-Leigh Kotze: Luxury Safari Specialist
Cara Viljoen: Safari and Adventure Travel Specialist
Tanya Borchers: Travel Consultant
Joel Meintjes: Travel Consultant
Sunet Knoblauch: Travel Consultant
Tracy de Swardt: Account and Sales Reporting
Cheidené Pieters: Rates and System Administrator
Leachen Kuffner: Website and Systems Administrator
Ian Gouws: Director in our joint venture with www.luxuryafricansafari.com
TMK Solutions are our contracted accountants www.tmksolutions.co.za

A Kosher meal

Kosher Meal

Why book with us?

South Africa's premier Kosher Tour Operator

Glatt Kosher Safaris

Adaptable Menus (up to Chalav Yisrael level)

Freelance Mashgichim available

Private travelling Kosher chefs on call

We would like to honor our unsung heroes, too many to mention here, from friends who are Rabbi’s in each of the major cities, who kindly host our guests over Shabbos in their Shuls, and make them feel welcome in a strange country, to our hard-working caterers and staff, who have learned the trick of making do with very little equipment in the remotest of safari locations, and yet making incredibly tasty Kosher meals on site.

Luxury Kosher Safari is a division of Tourism that Cares, a fully registered private company within South Africa, and operational throughout Southern and East Africa.

Tourism that Cares consists of a team of travel experts, some with Jewish family members and friends who live within the Jewish communities around the world. We offer various levels of Kosher depending on your required level. We can do up to Chalav Yisrael Milchik and Beit Josef Fleischik.

We are a team of well travelled managers and consultants, who have over 24 years of experience in designing travel around unique needs such as large family trips, retired couples, tailor-made tours or special religious holidays.

In many cases, fully Beth din approved hotels and Kosher restaurants are available in the cities. When it comes to remote safari lodges where there is no permanent Jewish population living nearby, we can offer various temporary solutions. From flying in premade Kosher food, prepared by a Kosher approved caterer in the cities, to preparing fresh Kosher friendly food on site. You can inspect the ingredients yourselves as customers, for the Hechshers, or even look at arranging private Mashgichim or Kosher chefs to travel up to the lodges.

Our heart is to bring you together with the lodges or experience you are most comfortable with, as long as we understand exactly what you need, and how you prefer your Kosher requirements to be met. We then go to various Kosher caterers, suppliers, lodges etc with this information and request a solution to fit your needs. Its partly a journey of understanding your needs, and then helping you understand the local realities in Africa, and reaching common ground.

Understanding African Kosher destinations:

South Africa as a whole provides the most reliable selection of lodges that can accommodate Kosher guests, with separated kitchens and/or a good logistical solution to get Kosher catering into a lodge efficiently.

If you are like the strictest of our Orthodox Kosher clients, then we can send up a Mashgiach and  Kosher Chef, who will either set up a temporary Kosher kitchen or arrange for premade Glatt Kosher catering to be delivered to the lodge. If there is no option like this in an area, then we try for another region or offer a temporary solution tailor-made to help you travel to the areas you would prefer.

If your conviction and budget does not allow for this extra expense, of Kosher staff flying up to a lodge, then you are invited to supervise the preparation yourself or inspect the ingredients as well as requests new pots and pans, ovens and stoves. Again the more you tell us up front, the more we can tailor-make it to your budget and your specific Kosher needs.

In the cities and towns like Cape Town, Johannesburg or Plettenberg Bay, there are Kosher restaurants and/or caterers who deliver freshly made, sealed premade meals for you. You can break the seals yourself, and thus ensure compliance until the point of serving the meal at your table.

Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya do not have any, or some cases very low numbers of the Jewish population and sometimes no overseeing Jewish supervisory council. We can offer various solutions,  like eating Parev meals only prepared in new pots and pans, all the way up to setting up temporary separated kitchens, and flying in Kosher chefs and Mashgichim and importing Kosher approved ingredients.

The idea is to give you the destinations you want, even if there is no Jewish population in the areas/ or countries, and reach a solution that you agree upon using our network of suppliers, caterers, based in South Africa, and sending up the items or the staff requested.