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Tourism that Cares owns the Luxury Kosher Safari brand. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for 23 years. We have highly experienced Kosher butchers, chefs, mashgichim and tour guides who all work together in delivering various levels of Kashrut depending on your budget and observance of Kosher. Kosher Safari options are limited, if you don't have a partner who understands how to deliver this service, especially in remote areas outside the main cities. We are recognized as destination specialists with enough experience to handle a small budget Kosher family trip to a large VIP Safari incentive group.

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Southern and East Africa are quite easily some of the best safari and holiday destinations in the world. Johannesburg is the regional airport hub which feeds into all these neighbouring countries.

Tanzania in East Africa you can fly directly into Kilimanjaro International airport, and also easily across to Zanzibar.

Most of these countries have a very limited access to Kosher, due to dwindling or non existent Jewish populations. However using our contacts in the hotels and lodges, we have a solution for those Kosher clients who want to venture further out of South Africa, using our contacts and are happy to perhaps have a slightly limited selection of Kosher variety in terms of their meals.