Our Story

Tourism that Cares owns the Luxury Kosher Safari brand. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for 23 years. We have highly experienced Kosher butchers, chefs, mashgichim and tour guides who all work together in delivering various levels of Kashrut depending on your budget and observance of Kosher. Kosher Safari options are limited, if you don't have a partner who understands how to deliver this service, especially in remote areas outside the main cities. We are recognized as destination specialists with enough experience to handle a small budget Kosher family trip to a large VIP Safari incentive group.

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Monday - Friday 08:30AM - 17:30PM
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

+27 21 976 0099 or Whatsapp +27 71 372 4916


Tailor-Made Kosher Safaris

Luxury Kosher Safari / Tailor-Made Kosher Safaris

Tailor-Made Kosher Safaris

Many of our tried and tested packages work very well for travellers who are happy with a set package and understand we have planned a well-balanced itinerary. Sometimes because of your group size, or because of your personal tastes, you would like us to design a package around your specific needs.

Lets face it, a trip to Africa, is not a cheap exercise. Its something that might be a once in a lifetime journey, and / or something that will require substantial funds and planning to hit it just right.

We have this caring, patient and expert approach, with a collective knowledge that spans 24 years of tourism in the Southern and East Africa region. Because of this, not only do we have handpicked lodges, that we have regularly visited ourselves, but we have a wide selection to choose from, to try and fit budgetary needs, health requirements, time frames and building something just for you, is what we do best! we will not force you into a program, or a pre-designed itinerary, if we feel it does not match your list of requirements.